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Newspaper & Magazine Articles

At Long Last, Some Recognition of the Pain after Childbirth. Why is Women’s Suffering so Ignored? The Guardian (March 2023) 

My Rare Chronic Illness Is Now Viral On TikTok Refinery 29 (March 2023) 

The Cold, Cold WarHistory Today (January 2023)

When NHS Workers Fought Back Against ThatcherTribune (November 2022)

Natural Birth Control Exploded on TikTok, And the Anti-Abortion Movement Jumped Right OnThe Daily Dot (September 2022)

Chronic UTIs Plague Women Across The UK – Why Does No One Care?Refinery29 (August 2022)

How Much Should a Doctor Earn? LRB (August 2022)

How Prejudice Warped Health Care in the ColoniesNew Lines Magazine (July 2022)

I’m running the entire London Underground – Here’s why I’d recommend you give it a go too, Stylist Magazine (April 2022)

Carbolic Soap OperasLRB Blog (March 2022)

Charitable Health ServiceLRB Blog (February 2022) 

Symptoms of Prejudice, Times Literary Supplement (January 2022)

History tells us that ‘Endemic’ Covid Doesn’t Mean the End of the VirusThe i (January 2022)

The Doctor is In, History Today (November 2021)

Austria’s Mandatory Covid Vaccine Plan Ignores the Lessons of HistoryThe i (November 2021)

Failure to Treat Chronic UTIs Exposes how our Health System does not Work for Women, The i (October 2021)

It's ExhaustingHistory Today (September 2021)

PM’s Covid Nurse is Latest to Fall Foul of Profession’s MythsThe Times (May 2021)

Covid-19 Only Exacerbated a Longer Pattern of Health-care Worker StressWashington Post (April 2021)

Will the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Usher in a Second Roaring '20s?The Conversation (April 2021)

From Polio to Spanish Flu, History Shows There is no Clear Ending to a PandemicThe i (April 2021)

Coronavirus: The Price of Global Pandemic Responses has Been to Make Many Other Diseases WorseThe Conversation (March 2021)

History Shows us COVID Vaccine Passports will not Increase Jab Uptake, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, The i (March 2021)

Vaccine Rollout: History Shows us that it’s always a bit Shambolic, The Conversation (January 2021)

Vaccines Alone aren’t enough to Eradicate a Virus: Lessons from History, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, The Conversation (January 2021)

What Elvis Presley’s Televised Polio Vaccination can tell us about the Shortfalls of Celebrity-Endorsed Health Campaigns, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, The Conversation (November 2020)

Vaccine Hesitancy is Not New – History Tells us we Should Listen, Not Condemn, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, The Conversation (November 2020)

Being Seen as an ‘NHS Hero’ Comes at a Cost, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, The Times (April 2020)

We’re Stuck Fighting a 21st Century Public Health Crisis with 100-year-old Medical Techniques, The Independent, co-written with Caitjan Gainty, (April 2020)

Why Handstands are the Ideal Exercise Class - Even if Like Me, You're Not Very GoodThe Telegraph (March 2019) 

How I Teach Students about Equality, The Guardian (January 2015)

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