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Events & Exhibitions.

I have organised large and small events for academics, members of the public, and healthcare professionals, and consulted on and curated exhibitions.


Museum Late, ‘Open Hearts, Racing Pulses’, Royal College of Nursing (February 2020)

Surgical Speed-Meet, London (July 2019); Manchester (November 2019)

Emotions and Team-Working in the Hospital, Workshop with surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, healthcare assistants, policymakers, and historians examining the emotions of team-work in the modern hospital and operating theatre’, Royal College of Nursing (March 2019)

My First Death, Public engagement event as part of the Being Human Festival, Royal College of Nursing, (November 2018)

Surgery & Emotion, Public lecture at the Wellcome Library, (October 2018)

Operating with Feeling, Workshop with surgeons, policymakers, and historians examining the place of emotions in modern surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England (June 2018)

Operating with Feeling: Can Surgeons Feel Our Pain?, Public Engagement 'Open Platform' Event,  Wellcome Library Reading Room, (March 2018)

The Genital Touch: Understanding Male Cancers Past and Present, Public lecture for the Royal College of Nursing Library & Archives, Manchester Central Library, (November 2016)

Cancer and Animals, Public lecture as part of the Being Human Festival, Hunterian Museum, (November 2015)​


‘Who Cares? Emotions in the History of Nursing’, Royal College of Nursing (2019-)

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